The story so far

In the distant future, humans have developed an interplanetary civilization that has populated the vastness of the Sol solar system. Living in space stations, they have prospered and are thriving in such an environment but with all of the successes and advancement of this endeavor there are those who would see it all torn down in light of their own greatness.

Fortunately, humans have technologies that fuse flesh with machine giving them the power to defend their way of life from the onset of these internal invaders. Use these cybernetic lifeforms to defend against the onslaught to emerge victorious!

About this project

Hello and thank you for your interest! Please feel free to give feedback or report any problems you may encounter.

I began this project in August of 2019 after roughly four years of Unity development practice. I was originally working on a much larger project where I learned a lot but ran into some short comings so I decided it was time to cut back scope and tackle a much smaller game idea. My plan was simple, on a sheet of notebook paper come up with a game mechanic, write down the features of the entire game and if I get to the end of one side of the paper stop adding features. At that point I had a set of features I could organize into the game you can now play here. I am very pleased with the experience and hope you are enjoying the game.

I plan to continue this style of mechanic design and create more prototypes for your enjoyment. I also want to focus on prototypes that receive the most positive feedback so if you see something special in anything I produce please let me know.


Possible feature enhancements include the following:

  • Boss Battles
  • Alternate Wave Types
  • Strategic Waves
  • Alternate Weapon Types
  • Power Ups
  • Power up acquisition mechanic
  • Story Mode and Ending
  • Allow the player to navigate the battle field and enemies fire towards the player. The player would need to evade incoming attacks.
  • VR and/or mobile build

Next Steps

Type 3 Ascension Prototype

Release date Nov 18, 2019
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, clicker, Endless, First-Person, Point & Click, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Space, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds

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